Genify, the first Generative NFT brand in Lambda ecosystem has officially launched

Today we are very excited to announce that Genify ( ), the first Generative NFT brand in the Lambda ecosystem, has officially launched.

Since 2021, we have been deeply involved in the collection and investment of well-known generative art collections such as Artblocks and FxHash. We have witnessed the scientific and artistic achievements of these outstanding generative art works, as well as the prosperity of the generative art market.

As the carrier of Web3 data, NFT will have great potential in the future. Unlike other digital assets such as PFP , the generation of NFT does not need to be stored in IPFS, because IPFS does not guarantee the availability of the final data. However, if all the source data for generating NFT is stored on chain, a generated artwork can be restored at any time through the source code and hash code.

The success of Crypto Punks is not only due to its pioneering OG role, but also because Crypto Punks chose a more correct OnChain route: first, put all Crypto Punks generation algorithms on chain; second, position Crypto Punks as generative arts.

The value of Punks is more than it’s the most expensive avatar, but the on-chain of algorithms and art mechanisms. It allows us to see the art and brand value of crypto native NFT, not only on the roadmap.

As we all know, NFTs such as Crypto Punks, AutoGraph and Fidenza, the most valuable NFTs at the moment,are all NFTs of generative art. Base on that, we believe that On-Chain’s Generative NFT will have greater development potential.In addition to the Generative Art, music, games, novels and many other fields all have the possibility of being Generative Art. We believe that Generative NFTs will become one of the most important categories along with the total NFT market.

Genify’s mission will not limit as an NFT Marketplace, but also an NFT innovation laboratory to conduct comprehensive explorations in the fields of NFT generation, generative art, generative algorithms, etc.

We will go live with a version of Genify’s Incentive Test Network in December 2022 and will gradually evolve in the early stages around the following priorities:

  1. NFT Incentivized Test Net;

At the same time, Genify will use Lambda Network as the infrastructure, use the native token LAMB to trade NFT and pay gas fee; and use the totally new LWS (Lambda Web3 Service) data storage service to bring users a secure, fast and reliable user experience.

In the near future, we will announce cooperations with several renowned generative artists in NFT and release the genesis series of Genify NFT Collection. At the same time, we will conduct our first community AMA on November 29, 2022, so stay tuned.

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Web 3 infrastructure, Decentralized Storage Network & On-Chain NFT Market Place.

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Web 3 infrastructure, Decentralized Storage Network & On-Chain NFT Market Place.