Lambda, A Blockchain Infrastructure Providing Unlimited Storage Capabilities, Partners with

Lambda, the fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure project, has formed a strategic partnership with, the innovative digital asset trading platform, to launch its primary listing on’s global platform. Detailed trading information will be announced in the near future on’s official channels.

Lambda is recognized as the leading disruptor of blockchain-based storage solutions providing decentralized applications (DAPPs) with data storage capabilities and unlimited scalability. Through its innovative ecosystem and architecture design, Lambda will play a significant role in the field of IoT data storage, artificial intelligence, public data access and transaction

Moreover, Lambda expands its scope of services by logic decoupling and independent implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB. Additionally, Lambda provides innovative blockchain-based storage through its application of multi-chain data co-storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, provable data possession and distributed intelligent computing.

In the cloud computing technology field, provable data possession (PDP) and proof of retrievability (POR) are regarded by academic as two crucial approaches for data storage infrastructure. Lambda is uniquely positioned in the market because it utilizes PDP and POR proof of data integrity applications on the blockchain to solve core obstacles of decentralized storage.

Lambda differentiates itself from most blockchain applications by building a datastore infrastructure for blockchains, which is provided with a plurality of its own chains for sharing, transactions, encryption and access control.The Lambda ecosystem comprise of DAPP developers, project parties, storage node participants and chain node participants (including storage and retrieval miners, validators and fishermen).

Lambda has received many enthusiastic responses from investors.. Earlier this year, Lambda announced it has received over ten million dollars in investment from 23 top venture capital companies including: Bitmain, ZhenFund, Metropolis VC, DFund, CEYUAN Digital Assets, Funcity, FBG capital, and more., as the partner of Lambda, is one of the most dynamic entrants in the world of cryptocurrency trading and exchange recently. is global operator of innovative digital asset trading platform with a broad range of products and services for global retail and institutional clients. It attracted strategic investment from top venture capitals like Bitmain, Matrix Partners China, FBG Capital, etc. Since its launch on August 13, the platform has more than 50,000 user registered globally with 25 active trading pairs and additional listings under review.

With the goal to support financial market innovation and advancement of crypto economy, set out the mission to boost overall exchange liquidity and enhance market depth. With the team of many-year Wall Street finance experience (e.g. Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Bloomberg), is well versed in how to bring transformational changes to the crypto exchange industry by redefining trading efficiency in cryptocurrency trading and taking an innovative approach to transaction-fee based “Trans-Fee Mining” model as part of overall liquidity strategy.

With relentless focus on transparency, high-performance, security and liquidity, global team of has been working hard to raise the bar higher in terms of reliability and quality of execution and client services, especially during the time of market volatility. It provides a 24/7 global trading operation and real-time settlement,. Moreover, on October 10th, 2018, the trading fee of was lowered from 0.1% to 0.04%, the lowest transaction fee in the industry.

Lambda’s listing on has generated positive impact from close collaboration for those two high-quality blockchain companies. By introducing a prominent project such as Lambda to the market, strengthens its credibility as a reliable and competitive strategic player in the cryptocurrency trading and exchange industry. Meanwhile, with the primary listing on the institutional-grade global trading platform from, Lambda’s debut will highlight its critical role in the overall development of blockchain infrastructure. Let’s stay tuned!

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