Lambda in 2019

In 2019, Lambda team are very proud what we insist to only make a small step to build storage infrastructure in the blockchain industry.

In the technical aspect, Lambda team launched the consensus network on mainnet, but also develop and conduct the storage function testing version, and launched a competition for the storage mining testing on mainnet.

In the ecological construction, Lambda team had many roadshows in Beijing, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Suzhou to preach Lambda’s vision. In addition, we also have been to South Korea, the United States, Japan, and Vietnam, which have many international communities know us better. Our ecosystem is also growing solid. At present, there are more than 10,000 miners, 69 validators in Lambda’s entire network, which still growing currently.

All unforgettable events in 2019 are important time stamps to Lambda, stick together with Lambda community supporters and technology enthusiasts today. More importantly, each event showed that Lambda project is improving every day. By reviewing these events, this will also help us with doing a better review in 2019 and the upcoming 2020.

Let us take a look at our achievements in 2019, month by month.

January 2019

  • On January 15th, Lambda announced open source the Alpha version of testnet on Github.
  • On January 29th, Lambda officially launched the early miner program on testnet.

February 2019

  • Lambda’s founder was invited to report the decentralized storage on the series of “Decoding Blockchain” on Beijing TV station

March 2019

  • ICO Analytics reviewed that LAMB had high ROI as a new token during winter 2018/2019 among many projects.
  • Lambda is honored to get the award of Best Blockchain Technology Breakthrough Project in 2018 by Chinese mainstream media Mars Finance and Consensus Lab.

April 2019

  • On April 11th, LAMB has ranking on TOP 100 on

May 2019

  • Since Lambda network have been testing over three months, Lambda pre-mainnet launched. The total capacity of Lambda storage network has exceeded 120 PB.

June 2019

  • On June 4th, LAMB has listed on top hot projects on MyToken.
  • On June 7th, LAMB has listed on the biggest exchange- Bittrex in America.
  • On June 25th, Lambda Storage Miner Roadshow in China was officially activated.
  • On June 25th, LAMB listed on Top exchange in Korea — — Upbit.

July 2019

  • On July 24th, Lambda officially have strategic partnership with a decentralized computing project — Ankr Network

In this cooperation bring massive benefits to both projects, by cross-selling each other’s propositions as cloud storage resource packages, and tapping into each other’s communities and target groups. We strongly believe that it made to work together and re-enforce each other’s capabilities for powering our decentralized solutions in the cloud.

  • On July 30th, LAMB transfered to mainboard on Huobi Global site.

August 2019

  • On August 22nd, BEPAL and Lambda has announced the strategic partnership.

The partnership will make full use of our own respective high-quality resources, carry out in-depth cooperation in digital finance, the Internet of Things, and blockchain asset management, for working together to promote the development of the Internet decentralization and build storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet.

  • On August 26th, the function of consensus network on mainnet has launched.

September 2019

  • On September 2nd-3rd, Lambda validator consensus summit- mainnet pre-launch has activated successfully.

At the same time, Lambda Community Governance Committee is established

  • On September 24th, Lambda has ranked on TOP 20 which featured with CSDN

October 2019

  • On October 8th, Lambda economic paper has officially launched.
  • On October 17th, Lambda mainchain support ecosystem development to issue digital assets.

Meanwhile, Lambda updated 0.3.0 version on mainnet.

November 2019

  • On November 7, Lambda mainnet 1st proposal has passed.

On November 6, Lambda mainnet 1st proposal has passed that a total of 700 million LAMB held by Lambda R & D team were destroyed. The supporting vote rate was 53.54%.

  • On November 8, the total pledged of TBB on the whole network has reached 633,427 on mainnet.

It has reached 633,427, which has applied for 313.4 PB on TBB mainnet mapping.

  • On November 15, Lambda had submitted two applications for security auditing of Lambda consensus network function to ZhiDaoChuangYu and Slowmist.

The report shows that Lambda’s mainchain consensus network function is fully aware of ZhiDaoChuangYu’s security auditing requirements and all security indicators are qualified.

December 2019

  • On December 11th, Lambda storage mining test competition begin

We want to sincerely thank you all for your ongoing support and wish you a great 2020!

Lambda team



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