Multichain generative art platform Genify Testnet Tutorial

3 min readDec 14, 2022

Genify ( is an innovative, open, creator-friendly, multi-chain generative art platform where users from any blockchain ecosystem can create and collect generative art at Genify.

Genfiy will start with Lambda Network and Ethereum Network and later support BSC, Polygon, Abitrum, Aptos, and other networks. In the beta network and early stages, Genify will use the native token LAMB to trade NFT and pay Gas Fee.

I.Add and configure networks

1. Add Lambda Testnet

  • In the network selection of Metamask wallet, click “Add Network”.
  • Click “Add network manually”

Input the following information into the configuration

2. Add Lambda Mainnet

II. Receive LAMB Test Coins and Mainnet Early Bird Rewards

1. Get Lambda Test Coins

  • Enter /faucet followed by your 0x address and 1000 LAMB test tokens will be sent to your address shortly

2. Claim the Early Bird rewards on Mainnet

  • Enter /claim followed by your 0x address and 5 LAMB will be sent to your address shortly

III. Mint and Trade Generative Artwork on the Genify Platform

Website link:

1. Mint a piece of generative art

  • Discover Mint-ready artworks posted by artists on the Mint page
  • After connecting your wallet, you can use the test coin to mint NFT

2. Make an offer on your favorite artworks

3.Purchase generative artworks from the secondary market in the Marketplace

4.Sell your collection

Click the List for sale button to list and sell your art collection

5.View your collection in Profile




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